Doctor Stephen Ferguson- Cures candida, arthritis, fibroids, awesome- Live blood analysis

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson at the Natural Health clinic because I was suffering from arthritis, fibroids, Candida.  As a result I had different sorts of discomfort. My body was all hurting, suffered from stiff shoulders, and severe back pain that made it very difficult for me to sit down for a long time. Candida caused my genital parts to itch terribly a situation which was very uncomfortable and embarrassing at times. I was bloated all the time, my stomach was full of gas, had severe constipation at one time and at other times diarrhoea. I also developed floaters and flashing lights in my eyes. So much was happening to me at the same time. I felt helpless having tried different kinds of treatment but nothing really seemed to work for me. I became very frustrated and distressed about the way I felt. My sexual drive went down the drain and this caused a lot of problems to my marriage.


I would say by sheer luck as I was searching for answers and help on the internet; I became aware of Dr Stephen Ferguson. After watching and listening to people’s testimonies on you tube, I highly considered visiting Dr Stephen Ferguson at The Natural Health Clinic. So I made an appointment to come and see Dr Stephen Ferguson for a live blood test. To say the truth, according to the live blood test, my blood was really disgusting, it was horrendous, more reason why I was so un well for such a long time. Dr Stephen Ferguson put me on 8weeks programme and put me on routine exercises. I had to take various vitamins and food supplements. After about 4 weeks on the programme, I felt a complete change in the way I felt. The thrush disappeared, the bloating and excess gas in my stomach reduced significantly and I had no problems moving my bowels like before.


At the end of the programme, my fibroids had shrunk because I could not feel the big lump in my tummy that I felt before. Even the discomfort I felt whenever I lay down especially flat on my stomach had gone. I felt light and great, full of energy, and very positive. I felt really better, my back pain and shoulder pain had completely gone. To my biggest surprise, when I came back to Dr Stephen Ferguson for another live blood test, my blood was so fresh, I could not stop smiling.


I would recommend everyone to come to Dr Stephen Ferguson and do alive blood test.


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