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Doctor Stephen Ferguson- My feet were so swollen, so pleased they are back to normal- Live blood test

Two weeks ago, I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson with the help of my son.  I could barely walk.  He gave me treatment for the swelling on my feet and a good massage.  In two days, that swelling went down.  I can actually put my feet flat on the ground and I can walk.

Previous to my visit to Doctor Stephen Ferguson at the Natural Health Clinic, I was so distressed and in constant pain.  I used a walking stick for two years.  My mobility was poor, and I kept gaining more weight.  I could feel pain in my chest and found it difficult to breath at times.  I lay in bed or my chair most of the time.  The pain just did not go away.  When my feet swelled up, I depended on one of my children to come and help me at home.  I feel bad at times to ask for frequent help because they were working and have family of their own to tend to.

I know my food was not that good for my diabetes, so my sugar level was not in control.  I wake up several times during the night and struggle to go back to sleep. .  I feel  an overall weakness in my body, always tired and sleepy too. I eat more bread with cheese, jam or ham with some tea on days I am unable to move around that much.

Doctor Stephen Ferguson did a full body MOT on me.  He did a live blood test and I could see for myself that my blood was not good.  He was very encouraging.  He talked to me and asked me about my food and explained why i needed to change.  He understood the pain in my leg did not help me to move much to do things for myself.  He put me on an eight week programme.  I had to take a blood cleanser, natural multi vitamins and apply cream on my legs which I also used for my body too.  He showed me how to do simple exercises at home to help me stretch.

After two weeks in the programme, I can feel improvement.  I have more energy, I lost a stone, I can actually walk around the house.  I changed my diet.  My son bought the recommended foods for me and kept it in the fridge so that I can cook my food.  My sugar level has gone down to normal levels.  I am able to do the recommended exercises.  My swelling in my foot has gone down now.  When I completed the programme, I can actually walk without my walking stick!  I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson without my walking stick.  He was so happy with the help he gave me.  My treatment has given me so much of confidence.  I feel like the gift of walking has returned to me and how grateful I am for that!  My overall health has improved so much.  God bless you Doctor!

Doctor Stephen Ferguson- My kidney was such a problem; Iam so glad the pain all gone now- Live blood test

My mate recommended me to come see Doctor Stephen Ferguson because I had some health problems. I was worried that I felt pain in my kidneys, stiffness in my shoulders due to arthritis and I was thin. I wanted to gain weight but found it very hard to gain weight. I was tired most of the time.

I sometimes experience pain or on my sides, sometimes on one side, sometimes both sides nearing the back. My GP thinks tells me most likely its to do with my kidneys, and asked me to see the nurse for blood tests. Quite a few blood tests were done but the pain still carried off and on.

I also have pain in my shoulders. Sometimes it is very painful, at other times it is mainly stiff and uncomfortable. In the night, it is hard to get a good sleeping position, I rub some ointment to keep it warm and try to fall asleep. In the morning I have to get up slowly without twisting and turning too much. Sometimes I put a hot wet towel to warm up the shoulders and neck so that I can move a little more quickly if I have work to do in the morning. By the time I get home, I am in pain, I have a headache and feel overly tired.

I try to eat my dinner well, because I hardly prepare a good breakfast because of the time I take to get ready in the morning. It is too slow. But by the time I get home, I prepare my dinner, I am so tired that I eat half of my dinner! I am losing weight even more so. As it is I am a slim built person. I was not happy with my overall health.

I am so glad I listened to my mate and went to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson. He helped me so much. God bless him! I told him of my side and back pain, shoulders and my weight loss. He did a live blood test and it was strange to see my blood cells on the screen! He put me on an eight week programme straight away. I kept to it. I took food supplements, vitamins and even did some exercise. In a week’s time, my pain stiffness was gone, I did not feel my pain very much in the shoulders. I really started to feel good about myself. I was able to prepare my breakfast, eat well during the day and evening. I even started to feel more energy. The pain in my side totally went away. I went back to Doctor Stephen Ferguson for another health check up and keep on taking my health products.

It really made me feel so good and I am totally thankful to Doctor Stephen Ferguson. I highly recommend you come and see Doctor Stephen Ferguson if you have any health issues. He is a good man, God bless him!

Doctor Stephen Ferguson- I am so glad all the body and joint pain has vanished, outstanding! Live blood analysis

I was informed about Doctor Stephen Ferguson by a colleague who advised me to try the live blood test at The Natural Health clinic. I was ill with arthritis which left me a disabled woman for fifteen years. I was not eating, if anything not eating well. I could not walk, so I had to use a walking stick all the time. My husband who would have been my carer, passed away  twenty years ago. I have three sons and they are all married with children, so looking after me was a strain to them and their families, but they did their best. They employed a full time carer to give me personal care. So at least I had someone so help me around, do my shopping, take me to the doctors, do my cooking and many more things that I could not do. I was so fed up and tired of my continuous hospital visits that brought no change to the way I felt. I was becoming weak and weaker each day. I felt heavy, and my body ached from not being very active. I developed terrible back pain; I could barely sit down without my bones squeaking. Eventually the doctors decided to carry out an operation thinking that it would relieve the pain. But after the operation, instead the pain just worsened and I had to wear a tummy belt all the time. The surgeons decided that may be I would consider another surgery in the future, which I strongly resist. I got no help from the physios or the orthopaedics.

So I decided to go and see Dr Stephen Ferguson for a live blood test. This was the first time I ever heard about the term live blood test or even done one.  When Dr Stephen Ferguson did the live blood test, he told me that my blood circulation was not good, so I needed something to clear and improve it. He put me on vitamins and routine exercise.

After being on vitamins and supplements for a few weeks, I was surprised how better I felt. I had lost half a stone, my cholesterol had gone down, and my eating had improved greatly. I started walking without my walking stick which was amazing, the back pain disappeared, that I even took the belt off. It was a miracle being able to walk again properly for the first time after fifteen years. Even my skin looked vibrant, not as tired like before. Even my Dr was surprised how well I was doing; it was more like a shock actually based on the fact that I was in a bad condition. I felt great, looked younger and felt younger, I even felt lighter. My mobility level was awesome; I was able to go around without help. I was happy to be able to things myself that I could not do before, could go to the park on a good sunny day.

I am so pleased with Dr Stephen Ferguson because he was able to do something that no one had done for me in fifteen years. I will continue to get my care from Dr Stephen Ferguson and I can’t thank him enough for what he has done for me. My family and friends are so happy for me; we are a better family now because our worries are reduced. I have recommended my family and friends to go and see Dr Stephen Ferguson for a live blood test.



Doctor Stephen Ferguson – what a blessing my hypothyroidism hypertension and high cholesterol are gone – live blood test

I visited Doctor Stephen Ferguson for a full body MOT after a few friends had recommended me for a live blood test. The reason I came to see him, I had hypothyroid, cramps, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and constipation. I felt weak all the time, I could not walk freely, I had to use a walking stick or rely on other people incase I had to go somewhere far from home. I was on constant use of strong pain killers like morphine to relieve the pain which in the end left me without energy. I could not do basic things at home, I felt like was ageing faster than I expected. I didn’t feel normal anymore, I wasn’t myself at all, I became so anxious. Sickness changed me, wasn’t the happy person I used to be, all the time moaning about how I felt. My partner and children were very supportive and helpful but I always felt they were not doing enough and our relationship became so strained. I felt demeaned at times, having to ask people do things for me.

When I came to the clinic, Dr Stephen Ferguson carried out a live blood test which I found so interesting. After the test, Dr told me my blood stream was not clear. There was a lot of unwanted substances in it and in order to cleanse it I had to follow a certain programme and a strict healthy diet. Dr Stephen Ferguson put me on  natural foods and vitamins. After using these for a couple of weeks I started feeling better. The dizziness disappeared, I became  more energetic and could walk about more freely. I feel like a normal person now, and can  do many things I was not in position to do before; like going to the shops or to the park. The constipation is also no more. My blood pressure and cholesterol level have both gone down. I have more energy than I had before. I am also more positive and also feel that my life has a meaning now.

I feel better, feel happy and blessed. Dr Ferguson is my life saver, he saved me from myself, my family is happy to have me back and they have also joined the programme. I still visit The Natural health Clinic for constant check ups and I highly urge everyone who hasn’t been to come and try, you will not regret. I didn’t!